Friday, August 26, 2011

So very sweet! - Spotlight on Knitful Dezigns ♥

I can't say enough fabulous things about 
Veronica Grace @ Knitful Dezigns!
She is sweet as can be and wonderful to work with!
She is like a breath of fresh air!
She is wonderfully creative and extremely upbeat!
How adorable is this Cow hat?!? Find it HERE

I admire her for having such a good grasp on who she wants to be at a young age! In a society where so many people are caught up trying to be something else . . . Veronica Grace embraces being herself.  She makes me smile every time I talk to her! Keep on being the amazing person you are!
The colors in this sunhat are so cheerful! Find it HERE

Did I mention she is creative? Well let me say it again! 
She is oh so talented!!!! She surprised me with a gorgeous handmade bath pouf/scrubbie. It is so beautiful! 
I look forward to hopefully offering them along with some of my items as a set.
Super Stylish Newsboy Hat! Get it HERE!

You should definitely check her shop out and get to know her!
She is a huge blessing and I wouldn't trade her for anything ♥

Check out Veronica Grace's Blog HERE
Check out her Etsy shop "Knitful Dezigns" HERE

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  1. AWEEEEEEEE!!!! Mrs. April your so amazing jejeje thank you so much for featuring my humble little shop jeje :) I feel honored to have been on the spotlight, Im so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you (even if its through the comp) your an amazing lady <3

    BIG HUGSSS!!!!!