Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So Wonderful! - Spotlight on Echoes of Summer

Even the name sounds beautiful - Like a cherished memory of a bright summer day!

Well the person behind Echoes of Summer, Dana (and Ned! He is pretty great too!), is even more beautiful than the name.

She is so very sweet! She works hard to give her very best and it is evident in everything she does (as I am sure her hubby Ned would agree)!

Dana and Ned make gorgeous jewelry, hand knot hemp and even custom drill materials for others. They hand make all of their hemp necklaces, bracelets, anklets (I have the privilege of having one of these with moons on it, of course, and I LOVE IT!!).
I will share a picture of it someday LOL I have to find one of the moons (it didn't come off because of anything Dana did though - it is one of the best made anklets I have ever had! It was all me). There are several reasons I don't wear a lot of jewelry and being brutal on the jewelry is one of those reasons :( Thank God my wedding ring is tough hahaha :)

This is one of my favorite pieces from Dana's shop! I just love it :)
Teal Blue Pixie Dust Necklace
If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Dana either as a customer, a seller or just in passing. . . well you are missing out on a wonderful person. Your world will be a brighter place with her in it! I know mine is :)

Click HERE to go to Echoes of Summer!

You are both amazing individuals and even better as a team!


  1. Thank you April! So glad to have met you through Etsy, and we love using your soaps, being your customer and friend :) ~Dana

  2. You are most welcome Dana :) This post was long over due! I wouldn't trade you guys for the world :)