YOU are my inspiration! Find out why......

Hi there!

Want to know why I do what I do? Want to know what sets me apart from the rest? Let me give you a glimpse into my creative process....

I don't like to make things just to make them.

I like to create items tailored to YOU the individual. My goal is to know what your needs and wants are and to offer you a product based on that knowledge.

I don't want you to buy my products just because of the cost, color or look of them. I want you to experience the joy of having something made with YOU in mind. I want YOU to feel special. I want YOU to feel pampered.

I don't really want to appeal to the masses. I want to appeal to individuals who, may or may not, know they deserve to be treated like an individual. You don't have to be part of the masses. You don't have to be trendy. You can just be you.

To me you are not a dollar sign or customer #3475. You are a unique person who deserves to be treated as such.

Everything that I make is inspired by someone.